Exciting Changes at the Northside Planning Council

From the April/May 2016 issue of the Northside News.

NPC adopted two significant programs in March: the River Bakery Training Program — now the FEED Bakery Training Program — and Healthy Food For All.

The FEED Bakery Training Program is an excellent way to learn skills in a new industry. Get a ServSafe Certificate and a Wisconsin Bakers Certificate, as well as help with job placement, all while helping to run a working production bakery. Operating the Bakery Training Program allows us to truly tailor our job training opportunities to meet the needs of our community, including the possibility of adding a culinary training program down the road. Currently, the program is available free to low-income residents, but we’re also considering making some tuition slots available for students who are interested in developing new career opportunities.  Support job training by enjoying FEED Bakery products, available at FEED and a growing number of locations all over town.

Healthy Food For All (HFFA) collects locally produced food from around the region that would otherwise go to waste and repackages it for distribution to food pantries and neighborhood centers. It’s on track to process more than 100,000 pounds of food this year. HFFA gets food to the people who need it most, and we see it as an excellent way to round out the mission of the FEED Kitchens.

The Northside News continues to play a critical role in all of this work as the go-to publication for many area businesses and organizations. This issue is packed — we always have to make hard choices about what to include. The Northside is a dynamic place, and every issue of the Northside News reflects the vitality and creativity of our community.  As we work to build out our digital presence, we hope to enhance the effectiveness and reach of the Northside News even further.

Finally, we’ll have some exciting new initiatives to announce as we look to getting more deeply involved in community organizing again. We see organizing and economic development as our two key strategies moving forward, and we’re working to make sure the two complement each other in ways that more effectively foster equity for all members of our community.

Join us and be part of this fascinating, ground-breaking work!